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What are the Benefits of Having Aadhar card?

An Aadhaar card is a unique and randomly generated number issued to each citizen in India and is a centralized and worldwide identification number with almost all the user details and personal information. The Aadhar card is a biometric document that keeps an individual’s personal information in a government database, and it is fast becoming the government’s foundation for people welfare and taxpayer services.

While the many uses of Aadhar card have been publicized by the government through awareness efforts, there are a couple applications that many consumers wouldn’t be conscious of. We have highlighted those applications under.

Different uses of Aadhar Card

Aadhar card can be used in multiple government scheme as well as in opening bank account also. Though according to latest supreme court verdict aadhar isn’t mandatory but have one aadhar is highly recommened. So, if you haven’t enroll for aadhar enrollment process then do it first because having aadhar card is a plus point. Now lets see some of the aadhar benefits.

Identity Card:
The Aadhar card is a card that does not really have a specific purpose behind it. Unlike a voter ID card, whose sole aim is to permit the holder to participate in the electoral procedure, that the Aadhaar card wasn’t created with any particular use in mind.

On the contrary, it can be used for a number of purposes, which makes it a universally acceptable government-issued card, without needing to register or apply for a separate card for all of those services.
For example, an Aadhar card can be utilized as proof of identity, proof of speech as well as evidence of age when applying for any government support.

In this way, it’s a very versatile card, as it can be used for many government related services and programme.

Acquisition of Passport
The acquisition of a passport may be daunting endeavour as it takes plenty of time. Obtaining a passport includes getting an appointment with the government, processing your software, dispatching of their prison and passport confirmation checks. It normally takes several weeks to finish all procedures and avail a passport, however because of the increased uses of an Aadhar Card, the process of obtaining a passport can be expedited.

Those who want to get a passport may apply for the identical online simply by attaching their Aadhaar Card because of the sole residence and identity verification along with their application.

Benefits of Subsidies:
The most important uses of Aadhar card is that it enables the holder to avail all government subsidies he/she is qualified for. Since the government already has all of the vital information on a particular person, they want only to produce their Aadhaar card so as to avail of the many subsidies or programmes.

The government has so far introduced approaches at which the Aadhar can be connected to a bank account and LPG connection so people can get their LPG subsidy straight into their bank account. This negates the possibility of the money being misappropriated or of people making bogus claims so as to claim rewards.

LPG Subsidy
By linking the Aadhaar amount to the 17 digit LPG ID, users will be able to get the LPG subsidy right in their respective bank accounts. By this way Government is trying to remove all the Fake registration and accounts which are selling gas cylinders in Black Market.

Availability Everywhere
The Aadhar card is the only government-issued document that’s available anywhere, everywhere. Called an e-Aadhar, this is a downloadable form of the physical copy of Aadhar and could be accessed anywhere, anytime also called as Digital aadhar card. Eaadhar holds equal value as original aadhar card.

This makes it convenient for people to always have a replica of a legitimate government-issued identity document that is also easily accessible. This also reduces the risk of an original document being stolen/misplaced, since the Aadhaar could be downloaded on any device and exhibited when required.

An Aadhar Card is also a vital record when it comes to KYC, affirmation, and identification purposes. Following are the Advantages of Aadhaar Card which can be used to accelerate government and bureaucratic procedures:

Opening Bank Accounts
Aadhar Cards may come in handy when opening a bank account. The document can be used for KYC, identification and confirmation purposes. Financial institutions and banks consider Aadhaar Cards as legitimate address and photograph ID proofs throughout the right time of opening a bank account.

Digital Life Certificate

The’Jeevan Pramaan for Pensioners’ or the Digital Life certificate as it is also known as, was initiated by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. The purpose of the certification was to abolish the demand for your pensioner to be present so as to get a pension for the purpose of their scheme. Pensioners can currently avail retirement without needing to leave their homes as their information can be digitally accessed by the service by using their Aadhar Card figures.

The Jan Dhan Yojna takes your Aadhaar Card Number as the only record for the opening of a bank accounts. The strategy is supposed to provide substantial help to people in rural and remote regions to get the services offered by banks.
Those who join their Aadhar Card for their Pension Accounts can have their provident fund disbursed directly with their own account through their PF business enterprise.

So these are some of the most important uses and benefits of aadhar card. Let us know if we are missing any uses and benefits in the comment section. We will surely add your suggestions in this post.

Aadhar Related Frequently Asked Questions

Aadhar FAQ

This post is all about aadhar faqs. We are getting many queries related to eaadhar download, aadhar linking doubts, aadhar card status and URN status. So, we decided why not make a complete post where we can solve all your general questions in one place. So, here are some most common questions asked by many aadhar holders. If you feel that your doubt isn’t clear and you can’t able to find the solution to your problem then feel free to place your comment/question in the comment section. So, without wasting your time get on the point.

Is it compulsory to have an Aadhar Card?

No, According to Latest supreme court verdict it’s not compulsory but to get benefits of some government schemes and DBT benefits you need aadhar number. So we advice you to enroll in the aadhar enrollment process.

How to enroll for aadhar card?

If you haven’t enrolled for aadhar card and doing it for the first time then visit the nearest aadhar card, Kendra, take aadhar application form, fill up complete form and lastly provide xerox copy of your identity proof. Once you are did you will get Enroll ID with aadhar enrollment slip which helps you track your aadhar online.

How to download Eaadhar online?

It’s very easy. Go to the official UIDAI portal and click on Download aadhar tab where you need to fill up all the application data and once you provide aadhar generated OTP you can able to download your eaadhar online.

What is Password of eaadhar PDF?

The password is the combination of the first four letters of your name given in aadhar and your birth year.

Ex. If your name is Rajan Tiwari and DOB is 01-01-1985 then your eaadhar PDF password would be Raja1985

Is eaadhar valid like original aadhar card?

Yes, Eaadhar is Totally valid and has equal value like original aadhar card. It is also called a Digital aadhar card.

What’s Aadhaar distinct from any other identity issued from the authorities?

Aadhaar is basically an online anytime-anywhere identity assigned to Indian. The enrollment of his individuality is done online with the help of authentication devices which relate to UIDAI’s Central Identity authority and reunite only a ‘yes’  or ‘no’ response to the simple query-“Is the person who he/she claims to be?” Dependent on the data accessible with UIDAI.

The Aadhaar authentication service is totally functional and in use in many service delivery strategies across the nation. The Aadhaar Card or the e-Aadhaar (electronic replica of Aadhaar) are basically given to people to understand their particular Aadhaar but are only the first step towards the actual use of the online id as explained in the previous para.

Is it essential to join bank accounts with Aadhaar?

As per gazette notification of Ministry of Finance, dated 1st June 2017, ” people are needed to provide Aadhaar number for connecting all their bank account prior to 31st Dec 2017.

For residents not needing Aadhaar, it’s suggested they make themselves Enroled to acquire a new Aadhaar.

Is it mandatory to enroll for Aadhaar to file tax returns or apply to PAN from India? If so, then what’s the procedure for NRIs?

Section 139AA of the Income-tax Act, 1961 as presented by the Finance Act, 2017 supplies for mandatory quoting of Aadhaar / Enrolment ID of Aadhaar program form, such as filing of return of income and also for producing an application for allotment of Permanent Account Number with effect from 1st July 2017.

It’s explained that such mandatory requirement of Aadhaar or Enrolment ID shall apply only to a man who’s eligible to obtain Aadhaar number.

Could NRIs enroll for Aadhaar card?

According to the Aadhaar (Proposed Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016, only a resident who has resided in India for a period or periods amounting in all to 182 or more at the 12 months immediately preceding the date of application to enrolment.

Can my PAN become non-functional if I do not connect it to Aadhaar?

For PAN related queries, you are asked to please contact Income Tax department

The best way to Link my Aadhaar in ration card?

We suggest that you submit an application of your Aadhaar using a copy of ration card to your PDS store. They may ask you to put a finger on a sensor to authenticate to confirm you and your Aadhaar number are matched.

Do I want Aadhaar to Receive my DBT?

The majority of the approaches are seeking Aadhaar number to identify the beneficiaries to remove fakes and copies in their database. It’s strongly recommended that you give them Aadhaar to help them. It also helps you in availing advantages offered by different government schemes If you do not have Aadhaar, it’s possible to always exhibit your Enrolment ID No. (EID), or apply the petition with service delivery database owner to get Enroled for Aadhaar with the said ID documents. This will allow you to keep on getting the advantages, subsidy or services with no restrictions.

Why is Government plans asking for Aadhaar?

It helps schemes to wash out duplicates and fakes, to supply accurate data and allow the execution of direct benefit programmes. The use of Aadhaar reduces the costs of identifying persons and provides Increased transparency into the authorities in the implementation of its schemes.

I’ve received the blue color of Aadhaar of the card for your own son or daughter. Is it Valid?

Yes, Blue color Aadhaar is legitimate like other Aadhaar Letter. According to the new policy, UIDAI is issuing Blue Color Aadhaar (Namely Bal Aadhaar) for kids whose age is between 0 to 5 years. After attaining the age of five decades, this Aadhaar become Invalid along with the child should get his/her biometric and demographic information upgraded against same Aadhaar Number by seeing nearest Enrolment Centre. Else the Aadhaar will become excruciating.

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