What is Aadhar KYC? Benefits of Aadhar KYC

We have come to know that many agencies and even sometimes banks are asking for KYC of aadhar card. So, if you don’t know what is KYC process in aadhar and what are their advantages then read this post carefully and we are sure that you will get the solution of all your problems.

The UIDAI has come up with the E-KYC support to create improvements to customer services. E-KYC empowers someone having an Aadhar number to allow UIDAI to disclose his or her personal information to service providers who would like to quickly activate services such as mobile relations, bank accounts, etc.

KYC or Know Your Customer is a compulsory process that many mobile businesses and financial institutions require their customers to complete. Though an Aadhaar card can be used as a KYC record, the whole KYC process still takes a relatively long duration of time to complete as a result of documentation.

UIDAI’s E-KYC providers can be used by customers to undergo digital verification of the identity, thus minimizing the quantity of time which will otherwise be spent on completing the process physically while launching new trading accounts or bank accounts, or even hiring a brand new mobile link, etc.

Individuals who would like to authorize UIDAI to disclose their own KYC information to support providers can do so in person – either through the usage of a One Time Password or via biometric authentication. Once the authentication has been successfully done upon the permission of the client, these details as the title of the resident, his / her date of birth, address, sex, email address, mobile number and picture can be offered to service providers electronically.

Considering that the E-KYC service is completely electronic and paperless, the management of files is also removed. Additionally, because the KYC information is released to support providers only upon the consent of the client, his / her privacy is protected in any way times. The method is also predicted to facilitate speedier transactions while eliminating the need for paperwork. E-KYC can be expected to improve customer convenience while significantly improving business efficiency across businesses. Additionally, E-KYC is also anticipated to lessen the danger of identity abuse whilst eliminating document forgery.

E-KYC provides benefits to service providers as well as customers. While the clients could avoid the tedium of endless paperwork, support suppliers may find solace from the fact they will not have to take care of paperwork themselves, therefore eliminating the requirement of photo copies and careful handling of documents. Since the entire procedure is the information is stored digitally, service suppliers and customers can both save money on newspaper costs. Also, all the info is stored electronically and can be machine readable and can be used by service providers for audit, service, etc.. The lack of human intervention in the method helps to ensure that the process is error free and also a cheap affair.

Additionally, the use of digital signatures and encryption helps to ensure that authorized parties will not be able to steal or tamper the information supplied by the client. E-KYC has already been recognized as a legitimate document for each and every financial service offered under the PML (Prevention of Money Laundering) Requirements from the Ministry of Finance.

Everything about Aadhar According e-KYC

Occasionally they might not create the proper documents or sufficient duplicates, ultimately leading to a waste of money and time. On the other hand, the government has taken note of this and in order to generate banking experience a little more easier, e-KYC has been introduced that is related to their Aadhaar card. This article elaborates on Aadhaar linked e-KYC.


KYC stands for Know Your clients and those guidelines were originally provided in order to make certain that banks wouldn’t be taken advantage of unduly. A whole lot of documentation is involved with procuring information about a customer’s identity and their finances, the e-KYC solutions guarantees that these processes are lots simpler and quicker.

Since e-KYC is connected to the client’s Aadhaar card, banks and financial institutions may secure information about an individual’s identity and financing throughout the card .

Advantages of Aadhar established e-KYC:

If customers don’t follow the above mentioned procedure, they might need to submit an attested address and ID proof, get email and cellular verifications done along with having to appear in person. But during the Aadhar based e-KYC procedure , they will only provide their Aadhaar card.

  • It is compliant with government standards
  • It boosts a paperless Procedure
  • The Probability of document forgery is minimal
  • It is done with the individual’s consent
  • Outcomes are in actual time and instantaneous

Aside from financial institutions, mutual fund houses, trading reports, insurance companies, LPG service supplies, stock agents, railroad authorities, stock exchanges, along with KYC registration services also use e-KYC.

E-KYC is a quick, simple and convenient procedure that can be utilized by every Aadhar card carrying citizen of the country.

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